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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  March 25, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to peer 7. anne arundel county fire crews responded to the scene as well as police and state police. they interviewed the gentleman who was operating aircraft and advise that he was going to refuse treatment to the hospital. however, right now maryland state police is involved in conducting the investigation and they have died crews standing by to see if they are wrong to try to remove -- and have dive crew standing by to see if they are going to remove the aircraft today or tomorrow. >> investigators raid pawnshop'' over the brooklyn area of south baltimore. >> we are learning the raids are part of a massive money- laundering investigation. barry simms is live in brooklyn tonight with the latest. >> the raid happened here in brooklyn and other locations in baltimore city and baltimore county. we are told that 15 people are under arrest. the message on the awning above
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this building tells customers they can buy, sell, or trade. another sign on the door describes the rules of doing business. patrons are warned to have their id ready to sell merchandise. the shop reserves the right not to buy what you have, and either buy or sell something or get lost. customers did get lost thursday as police raided this shop on south hanover street in brooklyn. investigators carried out bags containing possible evidence and a gone. >> very surprised. >> shelley works across the street. she does not know the shop's owner very well, but is well aware of the business. >> i have been here 11 years. there is a lot of business that goes on. >> two blocks away, another pawn shop was closed as police conducted a raid there. they were also at an instant
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cash streashop. multiple search warrants are being executed based on a sealed indictment. according to the u.s. attorney, 15 people have been arrested, accused of being part of a money-laundering conspiracy that involve transporting over $20 million in stolen property. six agencies were part of this investigation, including baltimore city and baltimore county police, the fbi, and the irs. >> baltimore's police commissioner today claimed the budget cuts proposed for the city police department would require almost twice as many police officer layoffs than initially thought. jayne miller joins us from the newsroom with more details. >> the preliminary city budget would cut $60 million from the
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city police department. city finance officials said yesterday that result in the layoff of 120 police department employees. this afternoon the commissioner tells us the number is much higher, because union rules require less senior officers to get laid off first. the public would clearly notice the cutbacks that would be required. >> that number is going to be anywhere between 200 bp to 300 fewer sworn positions. that is the equivalent of two police districts. to get to those cards of numbers, we would be looking at decimating nearly to complete police districts. the proposed cuts and other city agencies are intending to close $121 million budget deficit. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said the real budget gap is not prevaricate. she will present an alternative budget plan in a couple of weeks
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that would include new measures to offset the cuts. >> we have continuing coverage on our website. you can read more details and leave your comments by going to >> and a slight setback for democrats, republicans forced some fixes in health care reform back to the house. that angrily charged democratic leaders there unfairly using recent threats made against them for political gain. >> in iowa, celebrating his win on health care reform, president obama deplored what he called fear mongering. >> i am not exaggerating. leaders of the republican party called the passage of this bill armageddon. the end of freedom as we know it. >> back in washington, police
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are on alert to protect lawmakers after a spate of broken windows and threatening calls to democrats. >> i hope you die. >> eric cantor revealed his richmond office got shot at last weekend. >> security threats against members of congress is not a partisan issue, and they should never be treated that way. >> kantor pointed a finger at senior house democrat yesterday blamed republicans for courting potentially violent extremists. >> someone needs to step up on the republican side and say enough is enough, rather than try to play this double game. >> rush limbaugh said backers of health care need to be taken now. sarah palin urged republicans to reload. speaker pelosi today, to those who would take that as a call to violence. next i have news for them. it is not working in their favor. >> the senate today passed a
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slightly revised package of changes, so president obama is full health care reform -- reform plan is still a few boats from completion. the final, final vote is planned for tonight. the bad blood since tisch -- seem sure to bthe glowing. >> what did the national health care debate, the tea party movement, and economic banks have in common? there are fuelling a push in annapolis to change the state, d competition. >> we are told that as a lot of amendments, and happens every election year. the state constitution is already 177 pages, and the u.s. constitution takes up nine pages. we ask lawmakers why so much change is necessary. >> if state lawmakers have their way, 39 constitutional
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amendments are under consideration in both chambers. the general assembly must pass them in order to get them on referendum. 39 is an unusually high number, even in an election year. that and other series of bomb, including less government intrusion being pushed by the tea party movement. the taxpayer's bill of rights requires voter approval for tax increases, even on the local level. there's a measure calling for term limits. >> we have a very eclectic constitution. i love the constitution, but i also love my children. i would not put them in a room with a pit bull and see what comes out.
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>> another set qualifications for a baltimore city orphans' court judge. there is a proposal to prohibit the state from making anyone obtain health insurance. one wants the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one moment. -- one man and one lawman. >> i think the issue of marriage reaches that standard if not more. >> there is a push to allow table games and expand locations to include the airport. >> it is like planning a flags somewhere in saying this is a fundamental law that we want to organize around. >> voters will decide the fate. >> a couple of showers in the
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area on the doppler, but temperatures have moved up into the 70's in most locations. that is helping to trigger a couple of widely scattered showers down across virginia. we have a couple more hours of generally dry conditions before later tonight, the bulk of the rain we see of to the north and west will start sliding in here. there's a storm out in the ohio valley that will track through the mid atlantic tomorrow. just in time for the friday morning rush-hour. wet weather is on the way and cooler air behind this front. some parts of the state might see a little wet snow mixed in with the rain as to enter start falling tomorrow. we will detail the chilly weekend ahead, coming up in just a few minutes. >> baltimore county believes it has found the answer to the statewide teacher shortage, train their own teachers starting in high school.
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to sweeten the deal, the county is offering college scholarships for teens who want to become teachers. tim tooten is live with that story. >> baltimore county officials believe that going after potential teachers now is an investment that will pay off sooner than later. time is running out for high school students who want to apply. marian and britney where students and recipients of a scholarship loan program for aspiring teachers in baltimore county. >> i can go to the college of my choice without having to take out 70 loans. i get $4,000 a year from it. it helps out a lot. except for thousand dollars scholarship loan is for college- bound high school seniors who plan to 182 in baltimore county. rex for eat -- for each year you get a scholarship, he have to come back and teach one year. would you have successfully
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fought for it that year, the loan is waived. >> once on the job, new teachers would help to fill a critical shortage ends of sticks like science, technology, map, and special-education. >> it is just my passion. i want to work with special needs kids, and i am glad i have the opportunity to. >> it is nice to have folks stay here in baltimore county and hopefully they will be here until retirement and not leave after a few years. >> so far, more than a dozen students have taken inventor of the teacher program. baltimore county is looking to hire its first teachers next year. the application deadline is april 2, next friday. you can find out more about this program and get a copy of application by logging on to our website,, and click
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on education. >> i am sure a lot of kids would be interested in that period of next, preventing violence by young people in baltimore city. >> being breast cancer can be a hard-fought battle, but can a woman's feelings lead to unnecessary surgery? we will explain. >> should the government crackdown on indoor tanning? up next, we will show you the testimony from both sides at an fda meeting today. >> towson is number one. i will tell
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>> people are uniting to reduce its violence, including right here in baltimore. the mayor ordered several young people for being right -- positive role models in their committees. >> we must work together to make positive opportunities in all communities available to young people. to provide early intervention -- intervention for young people make mistakes an end to the juvenile justice system. >> she went on to say she has no
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tolerance for kids using illegal guns in the city. she is also committed to get guns off the street. >> being diagnosed with breast cancer is a stressful and frightening experience. with those feelings push some women to request a double mastectomy when it is not needed? experts studied 27 women who were having surgery on one press but also requested that the other breast be removed. they were asked to rate their experience and counseled on the actual risk and asked to wait a year to remove the actual breasts. at the end of the year, only four of the women chose a double mastectomy. the chance for developing cancer in healthy breast was 10 times higher than it actually was.
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new research from italy shows up to one-third of breast cancer cases might actually be prevented by simply exercising more and eating less. estrogen feels many breast cancers, and doctors say women produce more estrogen when they have more fat in their bodies. researchers also suggest drinking less alcohol. there has been a lot of controversy over tanning beds. that is true here in maryland. today an fda panel is hearing from doctors, skin cancer victims, and the tanning industry about the issue as they consider stronger warnings. >> britney was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma at age 20. she thinks it is from years of almost daily indoor tanning. >> i was addicted. >> patients and doctors are trying to get the fda to either
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ban or severely stock restrict indoor tanning beds. they are classified as a class one medical device, no more dangerous than elastic bandages. some said there is significant and compelling evidence that they cause skin cancer. >> the problem is that you will not see the skin cancer for decades afterwards. >> new research suggests that tanning damages dna and may be addictive. >> the damages -- damage to the cells release a chemical that makes you addicted to getting more channing. it is very similar to smoking. >> only and handful of injuries or definitively link to their product, they argue. next to suggest there were more injuries because -- there was not any data to support that.
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>> 32 states restrict the use of tanning beds. the industry argues the patients were being burned or given cancer, they would not be in business. a new tax on indoor tanning could cut into some of their profits. >> now, your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> an unseasonably mild weather pattern. i hope you had a chance to soak it up today. changes are coming in. it will not be nearly this war over the next couple of days. temperatures will drop if what -- below normal for a few days. for now is 70, 71 in columbia and at bwi marshall.
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temperatures have hit the low to mid 60's, not much cooler out toward frostburg and mchenry. there is a drain on the way. a cold front will be marching here -- there is rain on the way. it looks like for friday morning we will be dealing with some wet weather in the region. amal southwesterly wind will change to a chilly northwesterly breeze. it will get even when year during the day tomorrow. going back down into the 40's overnight, and the temperatures probably will not move much during the day tomorrow at all. the remnants of winter are hanging on. 37 in detroit, and freezing back to chicago. 50 degrees in pittsburg and 71 at the airport. the front will be dragged
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through here by a storm that is sitting in the western part of the ohio valley. it will track all that cold, wet weather across our region late tonight and tomorrow morning. there is an area of high pressure behind it that will try to clear skies and out at least for part of the upcoming weekend. this ribbon of snow on the northwest side of the rain shield from the appalachians up to boston. noontime tomorrow, but chilly rain. the potential is there for a few flakes of wet snow. skies should clear out friday night and a lot of sunshine expected for saturday. it will be cold saturday morning and not warm up much during the afternoon, even though we have lots of sunshine. sunday, the next form is already approaching. more showers popping up around baltimore sunday afternoon.
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rain in the morning tomorrow, with the possibility of some wet snow to the north and west of baltimore. high temperatures of 45-50 will feel a lot colder. the temperatures may slide downward during the afternoon as the cold air is coming dowin. looks like some wet snow showers around the creek tomorrow. around 50 near the bay with scattered showers in the morning. ocean city will hit about 53. gusts to 30 knots tomorrow on the bay. we were in the 70's today, 40's 4 highs tomorrow with the rains tapered off tomorrow afternoon. sunny skies on saturday, back down near freezing sunday morning and a chance for rain in the afternoon.
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showers with gusty winds on monday, clearing skies and a slow warm-up against for the middle of next week. >> the roller-coaster ride continues. coming up, a massachusetts family returns from vacation to find thousands of dollars worth of damage done inside their home. >> details on new rules making it tougher for the military to keep out gay service members. >> if you think towson is a great place to retire and live in, you are right. a live report is coming up. >> by now you should have received your 2010 census form. coming up, of baltimore specifically is under the microscope, and how google is taking number tracking to a whole new level. whole new level.
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>> while the fight continues to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy, the defense department made it more difficult to discharge gays from the military. >> at a time when many are asking about the future of don't ask don't tell, the defense department announced some new guidelines for the controversial ban. >> these changes reflect the insights we have gained over 17 years of implementing the
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current law. >> since the ban was first implemented in 1993, more than 13,000 gay service members have been discharged under the law. the new rules have much stricter standards, raising the rank of those who can begin an investigation and toughening up on here say and anonymous complaints, with special attention paid to third parties who might be out to hurt a service member. >> every case that is open as of this morning will be we initiated and evaluated under the new regulations just set forth. >> the new rules will not help those already discharge, but they, as some in congress and even the president are calling for a total repeal of the law. the defense panel is now investigating what impact a repeal would have. >> i think is very important for us to go through this process with haste -- doing it with haste could easily generate a
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bad outcome. >> that report is due december 1, and then only congress can repeal the law. until then, the defense department said new guidelines will make this a very different don't ask don't tell. but still to come, more troubles for toyota. the latest on dozens of proposed class-action lawsuits from toyota owners. how much they cost the company? >> a family returns from vacation to find their home vandalized. a look at the damage next. >> the towson community is named the no. 1 place to retiree
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>> if you are retired and live in the west towson community of chestnut hill, your in the number one dream community in the entire united states. chest that hill is number one. why is it the hot spot? >> there are a number of reasons why it is number one. most important, it is safe. there are great restaurants in the towson area, great shopping, and to great hospitals here. >> the number one dream retirement area in the united states. >> jim smith made the announcement at a retirement community in west towson. the chest and hill community in west towson is the best place in the country -- chestnut hill community.
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>> it went up against some pretty stiff competition. other communities in the top 20 included santa barbara, california, naples, florida, new york, new york, and sedona, arizona. we came out no. 1. >> neighborhood scouts search 61 dozen neighborhoods across the country and decided this is best. >> we have towson town center for great shopping in the area. a lot of people don't realize we have 65 restaurants right around town. i am glad that the rest of the country sees what a great place is to live and work and play here in towson. >> the retirees who live in this area all agree. >> the convenience of getting to the store, they are not that far away. i can law. i love it. >> what is so good about it as a place to retire? >> it is safe. i walk all over towson.
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>> the hospitals and the doctors and the shopping centers. >> it is a great place, i love it. i would not change it for the world. >> is a proud day for towson. >> congratulations to towson. here is a look at some of our other top stories. and 11-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a truck this morning in woodlawn. the commercial truck driver remained at the scene. that accident is still under investigation tonight. bonn and drug charges against teenage twins have been dropped. the decision came hours after the judge acquitted their father of similar charges connected to the same search and seizure because of insufficient evidence. they still face animal cruelty charges and animal cruelty case
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involving a pit bull of the that was set on fire. a pilot escaped major injury after his plane crashed into a river in annapolis. skyteam 11 was over the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to go down. >> billions of dollars of lawsuit money could be at stake for toyota drivers. >> it is toyota's sudden acceleration problem that is catching the attention of car owners and attorneys. >> there is nothing comparable in the history of the auto industry. >> a federal litigation panel in san diego heard pitches about consolidation of lawsuits against toyota and where they should be filed. >> this is the largest automobile manufacturing case in the history of the world. cracks were than 100 attorneys gathered yesterday to discuss strategy.
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the stakes are huge. >> the amount of economic damage here could be as high as $25 billion. >> some claim they knew about the acceleration problem and failed to tell consumers. others claim the value of the cars will never be the same and one full refunds. a toyota spokesperson says the company has no comment on today's hearing. the lawsuits following the recall of some 8 million vehicles, experts say could go far beyond monetary payoff. >> the education will change how cars are manufactured worldwide. the >> the potential for more emphasis on safer cars, pushed by safer -- could buy more legislation. >> experts say toyota could have to pay out $3 billion in lost value claims. toyota is expected to ask for a dismissal of the case.
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>> police in massachusetts are searching for at least 50 teenagers accused of ransacking homes and causing $40,000 in damage. the homeowners were on vacation when the teenagers talk the 18- year-old son into letting them inside. they destroyed ceilings, walls, marble counter tops, and police said they urinated on beds and in dresser drawers. police say one of the suspects had a fan page on his facebook account called home wrecker crew. >> it is worse than as an attack of animals would have done. they stole my husband's truck and trashed it. >> detectives say their only motivation was just destruction, as far as they know. >> i hope they catch them all. >> still ahead, the latest on the deadly accident involving a medevac helicopter. >> a founding member of 870's band is charged with having sex
5:36 pm
with underage boys. >> bill signed into law a few hours ago gives businesses several thousand dollars in tax credits to hire the unemplo
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fill out and mail back the census today. because your census answers are more than just answers. they're the first step toward a happier, healthier community. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census.
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>> police have arrested a former member of that 7's group k.c. and the sunshine band. authorities say he is accused of having sexual contact with juveniles. detectives say finch admitted having sex with teenagers between 13 in 17 years old. a devastating scene in tennessee after a medevac helicopter plummeted to the ground, killing three people on board. officials said the chopper had just dropped off occasion and is heading back to its home base. the victims are all crew members. officials say there were storms in the area when it happened this morning. >> federal officials find one,
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cash, and takes hidden inside a reputed mobsters home. experts say the guns and money are not a big surprise, but there could sit -- there could be some interesting recordings on the audiotapes. he is serving a life sentence and has been ordered to pay millions after being convicted in a racketeering conspiracy that included more than a dozen murders. authorities say eight homes were deliberately set on fire in flint, michigan. they believe it could be in retaliation for public safety layoffs. firefighters spent most of the nine battling the blazes at least two of them were injured. all a that -- all were vacant homes. >> the u.s. census bureau is keeping a close eye on baltimore. back in 2000, baltimore city got
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the equivalent of a d for its returns. why mailing it back and save you money, and a cool way to keep track of the returns on the internet. >> these volunteers are helping to take the going green initiative to a new level. >> there is much colder air on the way and rain, too. baltimore is now at 71 at the airport, 73 downtown. wins out of the southwest at 12, but they will shift.
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>> coming up, emergency legislation in annapolis is now law. a closer look at the bill the government is the the governor says will create jobs and grow the state's economy. the health care reform a that
5:43 pm
some say has gone too far. a first look at and you live team
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>> polk added dick finds himself implicated in that scandals rocking the catholic church. but the new york times" reports a priest was not different are punished despite letters sent directly to the then cardinal. >> for the second time in two weeks, pope benedict finds himself implicated in the miss halley of a pedophile priest. "the new york times" reports that a catholic priest was accused of abusing boys in wisconsin between 1950 and 1974.
5:45 pm
in 1996, the archbishop of milwaukee road to the vatican and pope benediction with concerns about murphy. church officials ordered an investigation into the priest, but reverend murphy wrote a letter to the cardinal himself asking for mercy because he was sick and had repented. the investigation was dropped soon afterward. >> we are catholics from milwaukee, wisconsin, and which wants to know why he did not let the police know about him, like they did not condemn him and take his collar away from him. >> murphy died in 1998, but he was never defrocked and never criminally trial. john magee resign his post for the role he played in his handling to pedophile priest. >> the high temperature today
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was 15 degrees above normal, and not that close to setting a record. it is amazing how these temperatures worked out. we hit 72 at bwi marshall, but the record keeps moving up. 85 degrees that in 1939. the record low was 20, set in 1940. there is nothing in the rain gauge, but that is going to change. the pollen count went down to moderate. temperatures are still mile if you have to be out at about this evening. it will be mild through the late evening. after midnight is when the winds will likely shift to the north and start to dragon some colder air. you may have to dodge a few raindrops coming through. colder air is showing up in the mountains to the west, but still 70 around the baltimore area, 73 downtown and 72 at annapolis.
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the showers mostly west of the mounds are starting to break out around the mid atlantic, down in virginia. more of the rain will be heading toward baltimore as the night wears on. turning color as the wind shifts to the northwest at 10-20 miles an hour. we probably will not see temperatures climb at all during the day tomorrow. the morning temperature will be stuck there for the rest of the day. only in the teens and 20s on the upper peninsula. it will be dragged here by this area of low pressure in the ohio valley tracking into the mid atlantic tomorrow. on the northern fringe of the rain, a narrow band of sleet and snow that tries to develop. the potential is there for wet snow to mix in with the rain nor stan -- north and west of
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baltimore. then skies clear out friday night. likely down into the 20's by saturday morning and stayed chilly into the day saturday. another chance for rain sunday afternoon. the best day of the weekend looks to be saturday, but even that will be a little cooler than normal. tomorrow, rain for the morning rush-hour, northerly winds 15-25 miles an hour. 45-50 around dawn, and slowly falling during the afternoon. around the bay, some showers and 50 as skies cleared out in the afternoon tomorrow. at ocean city, it is likely to stay wet right up until sunset and then began to clear out a little bit. a small craft advisory on the day. the waves will build to three or 4 feet. rain in the morning, gradually
5:49 pm
clearing in the afternoon, a cool 48. saturday's hike up to 50. more rain arriving sunday afternoon with showers lingering into monday morning. wednesday and thursday of next week, the highs will be back in the 60's. >> a push to get baltimore city residents to fill out those census forms. >> the u.s. census bureau is keeping a close eye on baltimore city, urging residents to fill out the senses and get it in the mail. in 2000, the return rate was so low. >> the 2010 census forms are out. have you since yours that again? >> i forgot, but i am going to soon. >> yes, i just have to mail it in. >> is sitting at home on the kitchen counter. >> the forms are the shortest in history, an agency is pushing hard to get you to send it back.
5:50 pm
there is a particular focus in baltimore city. in 2000, only 60% of residents melded back. -- mail id back. >> it is the basis of over $400 million of taxpayer money to local areas. >> the census bureau is partnering with google maps and google earth for an online display of participation rates. you can find out how any state, city, or even neighborhood is doing with this returns. the national average is at 20%. baltimore county is that 29%, up 28% in anne arundel. we thought it would be fun to see who in our newsroom has actually filled out their senses and sent it back in. >> i got it last week and waited one full day, but i feel that out and dropped it in the mail. >> i put it on my wife's death.
5:51 pm
she should be doing that right now. -- i put it on my wife's desk. >> i am a good tissues, and i felt right out right away and senate in -- i am a goody two- shoes. >> it looks like twitter is facing competition. you can see the person's profile and who the user is falling. no word on when office talk will be available. more americans are multitasking by watching tv while surfing the internet. nearly 60% of americans spent up to 3.5 hours a month going on line and watching tv together. the report analyzed the latest trends in simultaneous
5:52 pm
television viewing, online activity, and mobile phone usage. you may want to bought a honda in sight. aaa just name did the best car for drivers would long commutes. the our club based the findings on practicality, safety, comfort, phil efficiency, and affordability. the ford vision comes in second. aaa says it tested and evaluated hundreds of vehicle models before compiling that list. >> when most people think of a volcano, ice does not usually come to mind. a volcano in iceland is raising some big flooding concerns. it is erupting on a glacier at a high of 3,600 feet. at that height, there is little likelihood of flooding, but if the law of fisher's extend underneath the glacier, it could mean a lot of flooding from
5:53 pm
melted ice. on our website, eight must have a couple conversations when it comes to money. it can match celebrities with their tattoos. see kegan pass that test by clicking on entertainment. -- see if you cannot pass that test. >> of baltimore county judge was reassigned for marrying a couple involved in a domestic violence case. >> find out which local group is calling for his permanent removal. >> you have heard or recycling paper, plastic, and glass, but how about oyster shells? i have details on a new initiative that will let you do just that. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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and twitter right to your tv. also, check sports, weather and traffic without interrupting your show. you'll get tv with four times more very satisfied customers than comcast. get it all for just $99.99 a month -- guaranteed for 2 years! plus a multi-room dvr and set top box -- free for six months. don't wait. this incredible offer ends soon. call 1-866-932-fios. that's 1-866-932-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios.
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>> and oyster recovery partnership is taking going green to a new level. >> a new program to recycle oyster shells is expanding and helping restore the chesapeake bay. >> the chesapeake bay supports many restaurants and industries with this natural resources like seafood. in recent years, the oyster population has been dwindling. >> oysters are extremely important to the chesapeake bay. they provide habitat for the marine life and they are also very good to eat. >> the oyster recovery partnership started the oyster
5:57 pm
shell recycling alliance. the organization has enlisted 20 restaurants and oyster wholesalers into a pilot program. >> it has been rewarding. since january we have been giving them 10 to 12 but it's a week of oyster shells. we can tell our customers we are giving back >> they collect in the oyster shells in a bucket. once a week, volunteers picked up the shells and take them to a central area where they are eventually filled with new oysters from the state hatchery and then placed back in the day. the whole thing is funded by private donors. >> it is me a great sense of pride to see that this is working. people are getting on board. >> the announcement thursday means the pilot program was a success. it is now available to any business or person interested in having hand in restoring the chesapeake bay. if you'd like to take part in the program, you can find a link
5:58 pm
on our website, >> it be missed any of this newscast, we will rebroadcasted tonight at 7:00 on wbal plus. >> the fed's and local police raid 30 businesses as part of an investigation into money- laundering. >> a formal complaint now filed against a judge who went along with the domestic violence suspects plan to avoid prosecution for marriage. >> the governor signed emergency legislation to spur job growth. 11 news continues right now. >> live, local, latebreaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> tonight, three pieces of emergency legislation are now law. the governor says that will create jobs and grow the economy. that is our big story tonight at
5:59 pm
6. included are incentives for businesses to hire the unemployed. >> david collins has been following developments from annapolis. >> the concept is terrific, but there are strings attached. if there was a theme to the first bill signing ceremony of this special session, it would be jobs, jobs, and more jobs. the emergency legislation governor martin o'malley signed goes into effect immediately. the jobs creation recovery act provides maryland business at $5,000 tax credit for every unemployed worker they hire. the state set aside $20 million in credits on a first-come basis. the incentive is expected to create four thousand jobs. >> there is no government program as empowering as a job for a family. for a family. >> the credit cannot be claimed


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